Gold Sponsor

The whole team of eZelleron would like to offer a special thanks to all our sponsors for their ongoing support of kraftwerk.

According to our campaign we publish the names of some very special supporters in the Gold and Silver level.

Gyanesh Chaudhary
Comove GmbH
Peter Bryant Lutzker
City Nova GmbH & Co. KG

Silver Sponsor

Sven Geitmann
Rene Winkelmann
Franko Witten
Andre Bastisch
Simon Augustin
Thomas Katzner
Tim Matz
Ernie Hsu
Patrick Seiferth
Wilhelm Pooth
Martin Dietrich
Manami Hatano
Frank Gencorelli
Catherine Malloy
Peter Schnare
Steve Adair
Roland Witzemann
Mathias Baranyai
Craig Williams
Ian Cuthbert
Pat Roe
Bukasa Tshilombo
Adam Thomas
Leonid Shalupov
Claus Bjerre
Thomas Sorhage
Torsten Behrend
Stephen Payne
Michael Merlin
Sandy Kramer
Sylvio Schiefer
Ralph Weisang
Peter Hartenhauer
Peter Hipp
Andreas Musch
Manfred Hammer
Wolfgang Howald
Michael Kline
Carl Housbey
Michael (Enblue Technology)
Lívia Maria Dias Tavares